Jake, Mandi and kids are with Africa Inland Mission, an agency working towards Christ-centered churches among all African peoples with priority for the unreached. They will be leading a team of multi-national missionaries who desire to share the love of Jesus among an unreached people group in Chad, Africa, and they'll be following the Holy Spirit’s leading to plant an indigenous church that will bear fruit, glorifying Jesus among the people. They desire to share their joys, celebrations, sorrows, and Savior with those who have yet to receive His Kingdom. 



  • Pray for unity among their the team as they come from different home countries, backgrounds and experiences and that Jesus would use the diversity among them yet the oneness in Christ to show the Gospel and His love to those in their village
  • Pray for language learning as to serve in this capacity, all will be learning French as well as the language of their people group in order to articulate the good news
  • Pray for opportunities to share stories from the Grand Narrative of Scripture that God has spoken and the better Word they have in Jesus Christ, as they weave stories that point to the life of Jesus into the rhythm of daily life
  • Pray for good soil and for hearts prepared for His harvest among this people group, that they may see whole households transformed by the power of the Gospel, as men and women are reconciled to God and joined to the Body of Christ
  • Give to one-time financial donation requests for this ministry as they are accepted and promoted by the Board of Elders


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