In 2017 John and Amy Allert moved to Frankfurt, Germany with The Center for Mission Mobilization (CMM) to mobilize local churches and expatriate citizen of other countries to do Gospel work with the floods of refugees, largely Muslim, integrating into German society from refugee camps. The team has had the privilege of mobilizing trained local Christians to share and interact with their displaced and needy neighbors while helping refugee believers to start mission movements within Muslim communities both in Germany, and back in their home countries. Literature development, training conferences, disciplemaking mentoring, and camp visits are a few of the pathways the Allerts have utilized to address these largely unreached peoples.


HOW you can get involveD:

  • Pray for John and Amy, as well as the team members and essential refugee/Gospel workers, to extend their proficiency in the German language to a "B level" (equivalent of two full years study) and beyond as team members teach in German and refugees are required to learn it to be granted legal immigration status
  • Pray for continued good health
  • Pray for continued fruitfulness in cross-cultural ministry training, producing evangelistic and training literature
  • Pray they mobilize local believers to strategic involvement with refugees
  •  Give praise that the Allert family was granted both E.U. and German citizenship which has eradicated their concerns about managing their immigration status
  • Give to one-time financial donation requests for this ministry as they are accepted and promoted by the Board of Elders


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