Hill Country Daily Bread is a Christian ministry that serves as a toolbox for Hill Country churches and communities to transform the lives of neighbors in need. Through mentoring and case management for adults and at-risk youth, basic needs are met with much more than food and material resources; they are met with relationships that transform lives with the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Mission: To help unite and equip the Body of Christ with food, resources, and training necessary to transform our communities and the lives of those in poverty and need through the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ. 

Founded in 2000, HCDBM is a unique and effective faith-based ministry committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and bringing hope to those in need through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. HCDBM not only provides for basic physical needs but also addresses underlying spiritual and emotional issues that keep families individuals and children in the cycle of poverty and crisis.  There are no short cuts out of persistent poverty and the pathway out begin with a commitment to long-term “one-on-one” mentoring relationships.  This goal is achieved through three core programs; the Family Mentoring Resource Program, Focusing on Children in Need and the Community Resource Program.  

The service area includes 8 Hill Country Counties; Bandera, Comal, Gillespie, Kendall, Kerr, Medina, Uvalde and Northern Bexar County. In HCDBM’s rural service area, the US Census estimates 45,689 individuals are below federal poverty levels. 

HCDBM assisted over 2,300 people through the Mentoring Program in 2018 with at least 10% growth projected for end of year 2019. FMRP Case Managers conduct an initial assessment to determine the client’s needs.  They then develop an Action Plan and set goals and accountability with the client.  To help clients set goals, they ask to answer this question, “I see a day when I will ________.”  Many clients are so locked into poverty, they cannot envision the future.  That is why goals are so important! FMRP provides other support services such as the Kingdom Kids Program, which serves over 500 children by presenting Books and Bibles, Birthday in a Bag, Back to School Clothes, and Christmas Gifts/Easter Baskets.

HCDBM works closely with children in the Stand By Me Student Mentoring Program, which matches at-risk youth, grades K-12, in Kendall County with an adult Christian mentor.  Currently, there are over 60 children enrolled in SBM with another 25 waiting for a mentor.

Through the Community Resource Program an additional 150 churches, nonprofits, and civic agencies partnered with HCDBM receive FREE bulk resources to help another 20,000+ people. 



  • Serve as a student mentor
  • Serve as a family mentor
  • Help prepare and distribute food boxes
  • Help sort clothes for clients and community partners
  • Volunteer for events and fund raisers
  • Hold a food drive
  • Cook on a Thursday for staff and volunteer lunch with food provided by the HCDBM pantry
  • Give to one-time financial donation requests for this ministry as they are accepted and promoted by the Board of Elders


For more information visit www.hillcountrydailybread.com