Membership is about commitment. It is committing to a spiritual family who provides encouragement and support. Members are called to a biblical degree of service, responsibility, and sacrifice.

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Why does Currey Creek renew membership?

Currey Creek asks its members to renew their membership annually which allows for several benefits for both the church and its members.  The primary benefit for both the church leadership and members is the opportunity to discuss annually what the church expects of its members, and what the members should expect from the church leadership.  This is a healthy discussion where both parties agree to continue a relationship that models Christian discipleship, accountability, and service to one another.  Additionally, as the church grows, membership renewal provides an opportunity for pastoral staff to be made aware of members that may have moved away without letting the church know, or may have left for other reasons that we would like to know about.  This information provides valuable feedback on how the church is meeting the needs of its people in Biblical teaching, worship, and discipleship to adults, students, and children.  Finally, membership renewal ensures that we are effectively communicating from the church to the most accurate target audience.