Currey Creek became partners with Pastor Muraleetharan Kanagalingam in Sri Lanka in 2011. Muralee oversees 16 evangelical churches across the country. This mission purposes to spread the Gospel to those who have never heard of Jesus Christ and to provide financial, material, and spiritual support for  believers who are a very small minority in their country. This work is very difficult in Sri Lanka as the majority are non-Christian and many are very hostile toward the Church. Churches are often vandalized and believers assaulted, sometimes very violently. Muralee was once beaten and would have been killed if not for God providing people to help.

Muralee, at age 56, has been a pastor for many years; he was Hindu before coming to Christ. He and his wife have five children.  He is well educated and speaks English along with Tamil.

Pastor Muralee’s churches all vary, from the one which takes up one floor of his home, to another set up in a tent. The government will not approve church buildings, so many services are held in homes, or in buildings with vague descriptions. Congregations vary in size from ten to 12 people and up. Pastor Muralee often has camps and conferences for different groups and pastors. A recent youth camp organized by Muralee drew over 200 participants.

Currey Creek aids the mission in Sri Lanka through financial and prayer support. Although extreme distance and inaccessibility, coupled with prohibitive cost, make regular visits difficult in March 2013 Pastor John Free and two others spent over a week with Pastor Muralee and his work and Pastor Free preached in several of the churches. Muralee has visited Currey Creek three times.

Pastor Muralee encourages everyone to come, visit, and see what God is doing in his country. 


  • Pray for the churches grow in quantity and quality producing true and faithful disciples who would turn to be godly leaders of future generations in local churches 
  • Pray for the co-leaders of  local churches
  • Pray that the Lord would help meet the financial needs of the pastors and their families so that they will be able to focus on their ministries exclusively
  • Pray for the Sri Lankan pastors and church members that  they the would be kept safe against persecution
  • Give to one-time financial donation requests for this ministry as they are accepted and promoted by the Board of Elders


Steve Balthrop |  steve@balthropinvestigations.com