Kosovo - Oazo Church


Kosovar Albanians reside in what was communist, atheist Yugoslavia; largely they have used the recent political and cultural autonomy to embrace their historic Muslim background. The majority of the populace is very young and are looking for a way to further themselves in the new U.S.-recognized democracy; resultantly people are learning English and computers to be competitive in the European market.


          Oazo (“Oasis” in English) is a new church plant in the rapidly growing
          town of Fushe Kosova, near the capital city of Prishtine. The strategy is
          to reach people through fulfilling the above felt needs, but Pastor
          Driton Krasniqi guides seekers as they learn that their biggest need is
          peace and fellowship with God in Jesus.


Pictured here are Pastor Driton and his wife, Halide.        


 - Pray that Oazo reaches Kosovar Albanians and disciples them for Christ.             
 - Pray that the Krasniqi family is protected from religious extremism that would be against a public meeting place for Gospel proclamation. 
 - Pray that many would come to improve their school and work prospects and would be transformed by the grace and truth of God.